Entry 09 – Where Religion Ends

“Where does religion die?” “When is religion spoiled?” These are the questions i’m starting this entry with. As often as always, my blogs usually start with a theme before I begin to digress. These questions have been heavy on my mind for a year or two. Religion exists in two contexts; true and untrue. This […]

Entry 08

Have you taken the time to notice the qualitative difference between a day of work and day or non-work? For work maybe you have to use your body. Maybe you are having to look at numbers. Maybe you are having to speak to a lot of people. Maybe you have to analyze and solve puzzles. […]

Entry 07

I have to admit something. The Atman Journal is the right medium. It exists so that I can say anything that I feel like is confession. I made it for this purpose. It is just a matter of how to explain it. The meaning in these words is very subtle. Lately I’ve been discovering the […]

Entry 04

The heart wants what it want. And what I’ve learned is that the heart also gets what it wants. Always it seems like. This is tested by my own life. Through periods will be a confusion, but the heart always has a desire, and it is always filled. I think that the work in life […]

Entry 03

THE EQUATION OF MISUNDERSTANDING My family doesn’t ever fail to remind me how much I feel misunderstood. This sounds like an accusation. It is not. I am more than blessed to be with the family I have not. But as I my thought evolves throughout the years, I find myself in a disposition far from […]

Entry 02

OBLITERATION This blog is for prosperity. It seems important to me to record these kinds of events especially those which set my life on the course that I fantasize to be the work and progress of many life-times. Sometime, maybe a few years ago, I became very interested in the endeavor for spiritual knowledge, ultimate […]

Entry 01

This blog site as a new project, and I hope to see it as a way to express more openly what I cannot on my main blogging website. That blog site has been a great success and I can only describe it in two ways. First — it has become somewhat of a constant in […]